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Arvostelut Praetorian of Dorn
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Book Praetorian of Dorn
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/110686522.jpg
Book Book Praetorian of Dorn Praetorian of Dorn Praetorian of Dorn Terra comes under attack from an enemy within as the Imperial Fists and Rogal Dorn prepare for the coming of Horus. Recalled from the Great Crusade after Ullanor, Rogal Dorn and the VII Legion were appointed as the Emperor's praetorians, but only after the Warmaster Horus' treachery was revealed did the full extent of that sacred duty become apparent. Now, the Solar System comes under attack for the first time since the war began, and many of the seemingly impregnable defences wrought by Dorn... (1)
  • 09781784966423
  • 11.90 15.20 EUR 3
    • adlibris adlibris
      4.0204992085049085 (83)
      Terra comes under attack from an enemy within as the Imperial Fists and Rogal Dorn prepare for the coming of Horus. Recalled from the Gre...11.90, 1 vk (offer_sdt_1_week)
    • Puolenkuunpelit Puolenkuunpelit
      8.240681183521069 (4)
      13.75, 2 vk (offer_sdt_2_weeks)
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      3.6127478877571186 (10)
      15.20, 2 vk (offer_sdt_2_weeks)
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      Book Book Corax Corax Corax After Isstvan, after Deliverance, the Raven Guard still endure. Their primarch Corvus Corax has rallied countless warriors to his banner, striking back at the forces of the Warmaster on every front - from the degenerate hereteks of the Mechanicum to the cruel legionaries of the Sons of Horus, none shall escape his wrath. But although Corax has managed to stall the physical corruption of his own Space Marines, what of their spirit? And what sinister end must await those who dwell forever in th... (3)
      Book Corax
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      Book The Silent War
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    • Book War Without End
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      Book Book War Without End War Without End War Without End A massive collection of stories by some of Black Library's most popular authors. The Emperor's vision of mankind ascendant lies in tatters. But with Horus's rebellion spreading to every corner of the Imperium and war engulfing new worlds and systems almost daily, there are some who now ask: were the signs there to be seen all along? In these dark times, only one thing is certain - the galaxy will never know peace again, not in this lifetime or a thousand others... This Horus Heresy anthology ... (1)
      Book War Without End
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    • Book Mielenvikaisen muistelmat
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      Book Book Mielenvikaisen muistelmat Mielenvikaisen muistelmat Mielenvikaisen muistelmat Ronskilla kielenkäytöllä ja maukkaalla huumorilla marinoitu, tositapahtumien innoittaman kirjasarjan ensimmäinen osa. Kirjassa muistellaan lapsuuden oloja sijaisperheessä, mielenterveysongelmia, päihteitä, epäonnistuneita ihmissuhteita ja selviytymisyrityksiä. Osa kirjan tuotoista menee Hope ry.n toiminnan tukemiseksi. 10 - osaisen kirjasarjan ensimmäinen osa. (1)
      Book Mielenvikaisen muistelmat
      • 09789529413249
    • info@vertaa.fi