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Arvostelut Berghoff Leo citrus press
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Tekniset tiedot Berghoff Leo citrus press
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Berghoff Leo citrus press
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/103691266.jpg
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  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/145609978.jpg
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/95118654.jpg
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/95118655.jpg
Berghoff Berghoff Leo citrus press Leo citrus press Leo citrus press Hand press with soft-grip Add a fresh flavor to your fish dish, salad or dressing quickly? With this hand press you can squeeze citrus fruit comfortably , because you do it vertical get stuck and thus also presses vertically. You do not have to put pressure down, which is nice for your shoulders and hands. In addition, the handle is provided with soft-grip. The hand press is dishwasher safe. BergHOFF If you love beautifully designed kitchen items, you will feel at home with the Berghoff brand... (1)
  • 05413821059488
  • 759167
  • Yleiset ominaisuudet
    • Sukupuoli: Unisex
    • Osien määrä: 1 kpl
    • Väri: Harmaa, Keltainen
    • Materiaali: Kumi, Nailon
    • Type of juicer: Citrus press
    • Konepesun kestävä: Ei, Kyllä
  • Paino ja mitat
    • Paino (g): 90 g
  • 25.90 25.90 EUR 1
    • Frank.fi Frank.fi
      6.565217391304348 (2)
      Hand press with soft-grip Add a fresh flavor to your fish dish, salad or dressing quickly? With this hand press you can squeeze citrus fr...25.90, 2 vk (offer_sdt_2_weeks)
  • 0 0
    • Clatronic ZP 3066 citrus press
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      Clatronic Clatronic ZP 3066 citrus press ZP 3066 citrus press ZP 3066 citrus press Always fresh juice What could be better than a glass of orange juice at breakfast? With the Clatronic ZP 3066 you no longer need to press the oranges by hand, but the machine does the job. This citrus press is delivered with two press cones of different sizes, so you can also squeeze lemons or limes in addition to oranges. That way you can even vary the composition of your citrus juices. The ZP 3066 is equipped with a removable jug, which has a capacity of 1 liter. The special protective cap ... (1)
      Clatronic ZP 3066 citrus press
      • 04006160629880
    • Joseph Joseph Helix citrus press
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      Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Helix citrus press Helix citrus press Helix citrus press Little power needed Thanks to the horizontal turning mechanism of this citrus press you hardly have to put any power or push it down for the fresh juice. The press consists of two parts and is comfortable for both hands and shoulders. In the lower part, place the fruit with the cut part down. The upper part is at right angles to the bottom so that the dots meet. All you have to do now is to put the two parts together and to each other to to spin . You can easily clean the press after use. Jos... (1)
      Joseph Joseph Helix citrus press
      • 05028420201017
    • Alessi Juicy Salif citrus press PSJS
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      Alessi Alessi Juicy Salif citrus press PSJS Juicy Salif citrus press PSJS Juicy Salif citrus press PSJS For stylish juices If you are a lover of practical items with a beautiful design, then this citrus press from Alessi is really something for you. You can easily squeeze out your citrus fruits with this drop-shaped press on slender legs . Put a glass under the press, between the legs, and turn the fruit over the convex top. Thanks to the lines in the drop the juice slides to the middle and lands it flawlessly in your glass. Designer Philippe Starck The designer of this citrus press is the Fren... (1)
      Alessi Juicy Salif citrus press PSJS
      • 08003299023356
      • PSJS
    • Princess Sitruspuristin hopeanvärinen
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      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/145616464.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/141318186.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/101295980.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/144436540.jpg
      Princess Princess Sitruspuristin hopeanvärinen Sitruspuristin hopeanvärinen Sitruspuristin hopeanvärinen Compact and easy The Princess Duo juicer with integrated jug is easy to use. The jug with a capacity of 1.2 liters can easily be stored in the refrigerator through the transparent lid, but can also be placed directly on the table as a jug. The transparent lid also ensures that the juicer remains dust-free when stored. The press is running automatically left and right so you do not miss out on juice. Easy to clean Princess's juicer is completely disassembled. It is therefore very easy to clean... (1)
      Princess Sitruspuristin hopeanvärinen
      • 08713016031631
      • 3841449
      • 201975
      • 1705474
    • info@vertaa.fi