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    • Sage Citrus Press -sitruspuserrin
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/162793931.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/167854699.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/143226343.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/169316081.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/169316078.jpg?ts=1
      Sage Sage Citrus Press -sitruspuserrin Citrus Press -sitruspuserrin Citrus Press -sitruspuserrin Citrus press, 110 watt, patented cone with 4 fins, dishwasher safe, silverFrom the smallest of limes to the largest of grapefruits, the patented Quadra-Fin acid-resistant cone maximizes the extraction of all citrus fruits. And its innovative active-arm press with a power-assisted lever makes pressing fruits effortless. QUADRA-FIN JUICING CONE: Our juicing cone design is uniquely finned and undulated to extract the maximum juice from all sizes of citrus fruit. And, its dishwasher safe. JUICE PRESS ARM WITH DUAL-SWITCH: The unique ergonomically-designed triple hinged arm ensures downward pressure throughout the juicing process. The safety switch will not allow the cone to spin until both the arm is lowered and suf?cient pressure is placed on the top of the cone. ACID RESISTANT DIE-CAST CONE: Enjoy a lifetime of juicing with the die-cast stainless steel juicing cone and durable die-cast body that are resistant to corrosive citric acid. DRIP STOP JUICE SPOUT: Spend less time cleaning up (1)
      Sage Citrus Press -sitruspuserrin
      • 09312432030090
      • 6198451
      • 9312432030090
      • 800 CP UK
      • SCP800BAL4EEU1
      239.89 EUR
    • Sage The 3x Bluicer 1350w Glass Blender Hopeinen One Size / EU Plug
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/165465493.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/204713038.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/204713033.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/204713032.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/249021371.jpg?ts=1
      Sage Sage The 3x Bluicer 1350w Glass Blender Hopeinen One Size / EU Plug The 3x Bluicer 1350w Glass Blender Hopeinen One Size / EU Plug The 3x Bluicer 1350w Glass Blender Hopeinen One Size / EU Plug Juicer, 1000 watts, 3 liters, 5 speeds, Extra wide (88 mm) filling tube, 4 One Touch programs: Smoothie, Frozen Cocktail, Pulse / Ice Crush and Auto Clean, 5 speeds, Capacity blender jug: 1.5 l, Capacity pulp container 3 l, Knives in stainless steel, Cold Spin Technology, silverThis high performance blender juicer features our Kinetix® contoured blade & bowl system and a 88mm extra wide chute. With Cold Spin Technology®, 5 one touch programs and 10 precision speed control, you can extract fresh juice straight into a high capacity 1.5L blender jug and create delicious fresh, slushies, smoothies,cocktails and much more. BLEND, JUICE OR BLUICE. You no longer need to choose. With the 3X Bluicer Pro you can blend, juice or combine both. Create healthier and flavoursome smoothies, frappes, slushies, fresh cocktails and many more by combining blended and juiced fresh ingredients into your creations. Maximise the freshness and get 3X the flavours, variety and fun..5 ONE TOUCH PROGRAMS. One tou (1)
      Sage The 3x Bluicer 1350w Glass Blender Hopeinen One Size / EU Plug
      • 09312432035729
      • 9312432035729
      • SJB815BSS2EEU1
      436.98 EUR
    • Sage Mehulinko Sage "the Nutri Juicer Cold Sage SJE430“
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/213186785.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/220308878.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/125307079.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/237321615.jpg?ts=1
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/125307078.jpg?ts=1
      Sage Sage Mehulinko Sage "the Nutri Juicer Cold Sage SJE430“ Mehulinko Sage "the Nutri Juicer Cold Sage SJE430“ Mehulinko Sage "the Nutri Juicer Cold Sage SJE430“ . (1)
      Sage Mehulinko Sage "the Nutri Juicer Cold Sage SJE430“
      • 09312432029889
      • 19312432029886
      • SJE430SIL2CEU1
      185.00 EUR
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      • Wilfa (wilfa)
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      • Mesko (mesko)
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      • Rig-Tig (rig_tig)
      • Rommelsbacher (rommelsbacher)
      • Rosendahl (rosendahl)
      • Royal Catering (royal_catering)
      • Russell Hobbs (russell_hobbs)
      • Rösle (ro_sle)
      • Sage (sage)
      • Sencor (sencor)
      • Severin (severin)
      • Tefal (tefal)
      • Tristar (tristar)
      • Witt (witt)
      • WMF (wmf)
      • Zeegma (zeegma)
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      • Kenwood Chef (kenwood_chef)
      • Mehulinko (mehulinko)
      • Sitruspuristin (sitruspuristin)
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