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Arvostelut adidas Condivo 18 Jacket
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adidas Condivo 18 Jacket
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/99470586.jpg
  • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157888156.jpg
adidas adidas Condivo 18 Jacket Condivo 18 Jacket Condivo 18 Jacket Stay ready for action. Cool-weather training comes easy with this football jacket for juniors. A relaxed fit offers unrestricted movement, while the shiny fabric plus ribbed cuffs and hem offer classic style. (1)
  • 04059322260209
  • Yleiset ominaisuudet
    • Sukupuoli: Unisex, Lapset
    • Kauluksen tyyppi: Korkeakaulus
  • Suunnittelu
    • Materiaalit: Polyesteri
    • Väri: Sininen
  • Tekniset tiedot
    • Urheilulaji: Juoksu, Jalkapallo
  • 44.95 54.94 EUR 1
    • Adidas.fi Adidas.fi
      Stay ready for action. Cool-weather training comes easy with this football jacket for juniors. A relaxed fit offers unrestricted movement...
      44.95, 5 pv (offer_sdt_5_days)
  • 0 0
    • adidas Favorites Track Jacket
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/151355595.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157897831.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157897834.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157897830.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/156186586.jpg
      adidas adidas Favorites Track Jacket Favorites Track Jacket Favorites Track Jacket Don't let the rain cramp your style. This track jacket sports a stand-up collar and a nylon build that's finished to repel light moisture. Repeating adidas graphics on the sleeves give this classic look a fresh update. (1)
      adidas Favorites Track Jacket
      • 04062054837298
    • adidas Track Suit
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/158184759.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/155907418.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157898133.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157898137.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157898135.jpg
      adidas adidas Track Suit Track Suit Track Suit Move closer to your workout goals in this juniors' adidas track suit. A hood and kangaroo pockets warm up your ears and hands. Tapered pants mean unrestricted movement. French terry fabric adds all-day comfort. (1)
      adidas Track Suit
      • 04062049111679
      • ADI2235001000004
      • FM5716-520
    • adidas Track Jacket
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/156182002.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157881486.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157881483.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157881487.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157881484.jpg
      adidas adidas Track Jacket Track Jacket Track Jacket Slip on '90s-inspired style. Iconic adidas branding gets a modern update on this track jacket. Contrast 3-Stripes stretch from the retro stand-up collar to the cuffs. A Trefoil logo interrupts the 3-Stripes on one side. It's made of a lightweight fabric for a crisp feel. (1)
      adidas Track Jacket
      • 04062055474119
    • adidas Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/156188210.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157916840.jpg
      • https://pc.vertaa.fi/500x500/157916839.jpg
      adidas adidas Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket On and off the pitch. Real world and digital. True talent always finds a way to express itself. Part of the latest Paul Pogba collection, this limited-edition football jacket for juniors reflects the French playmaker's vibrant style. Made from slightly stretchy fabric, this bomber has a mesh lining for breathability. It's detailed with a snakeskin Pogba crest on the chest that shifts from red to blue. (1)
      adidas Paul Pogba Bomber Jacket
      • 04061624932968
    • info@vertaa.fi