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741 741
  • Todella huono ja epäluotettava
    Ottivat rahat pitivät yli 3vk joulun alla lasten rahoja. Status oli kaikki ok tuotteet matkalla 4pv. Ennen joulua ilmoittivat ettei tuotteita ole. Lasten joulu oli sitten sillä mallilla
    0 10
    • Otti rahat pitiniitä 3vk
    • Eivät toimittameet tuotteita
  • Terrible customer service
    Already twice they've shipped my order to a wrong place! I contacted the customer service both times. First time they asked me to contact PostNord about the issue. When I called PostNord and asked them to ship the order closer to my home, where it originally should have been shipped, they told I needed to contact Jollyroom for that. So I called Jollyroom again and the customer service was really bad. They didn't take any responsibility but told me there's nothing they can do. They even made my cry on the phone! And didn't apologize. Well, somehow they finally managed to ship the order closer to my home after all, which was a good thing, but which, I think, should have been self-evident in the first place. Well, for some unknown reason I decided to make another order several months later. That was a mistake. Again my order was shipped to a wrong place too far from my home. I contacted PostNord directly but yet again they told me to contact Jollyroom which authorizes the orders. So, I did as told and called Jollyroom's customer service. They promised to contact PostNord and tell them to ship my order to a destination closer to my home. Later I got an email from the customer servant who wrote me my order won't be shipped closer because PostNord refuses to do that. Well, I don't know who to belive and what to do with the order now. It's just simply too far away for me to pick it up... But one thing is certain. I will NEVER EVER order anything from Jollyroom again. It's just too much of a headache really.
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    • Terrible customer service
Jollyroom Jollyroom
8.32297135990109 (741)
Jollyroom on pohjoismaiden suurin lastentarvikkeiden verkkokauppa. Jollyroomin valikoimaan kuuluu lastenvaunuja, turvaistuimia, leluja, lastenvaatteita, äitiystuotteita, lastenhuoneen sisustustuotteita sekä muita lastentarvikkeita.

Yhteystiedot ja ajo-ohje

SE 42537 Göteborg Tagenevägen 58
57.7833925 11.9942929
  • TELEPHONE: 09-42415555
  • EMAIL: asiakaspalvelu@jollyroom.fi
  • FACEBOOK: Facebook
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram


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  • false THURSDAY 11:00 18:00
  • true FRIDAY 11:00 18:00
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